Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wok vs. Crock! It's On!

I’m no chef, or even a cook, but we all have to eat and we don’t want to eat the same things day after day.  Because of this, I challenged my sister to create interesting meals out of similar ingredients – I’ll use my wok and she’ll use her crock. 

Crock lives by the crockpot.  I think she has 7 of them.  She's always making something fabulous for her husband and 3 kids, church, parties, etc.  She decides what she wants to make, throws it all in the pot the night before and voila!  The next day she has a delicious meal with very little work.

Unfortunately, I (Wok) usually think about dinner about 10 minutes before I want to eat it.  The end result is usually that my husband and I get in the car and drive to a restaurant.  If we don't want to go out to eat, we can scavenge through the countless to go containers in our fridge. 

This would be ok if we were generally happy with what we get at a restaurant, but too often we just end up with less money and an unimpressed palate.   

Out of all this was born the challenge.  I dug out my long-neglected wok and each week Crock and I will agree on some ingredients or a general theme and we'll see what comes out of it.  We're including all the cooking instructions in case you want to try our meals and tell us which one you preferred.

Crock here... First of all, Wok makes me sound much more domestically organized than I am.  My love for crockpotting stems from the NEED to have food ready on time for small children.  When my kids were toddlers they ate dinner about 5:00.  I was not hungry at that time, so if I waited for hunger to inspire me, I'd have had some very pitiful children.  By cooking in the crockpot, I could have dinner ready for them at 5:00, and it would still be hot and edible when Husband arrived home after 6:00.

In addition, my church does a potluck lunch every Sunday, so I needed to stretch beyond my chili and pot roast repertoire.  I have discovered that I can cook almost anything in a crockpot, and it allows me to do the prep work when it suits me.  I can get it all together Saturday night, and leave my always hectic Sunday morning unencumbered by cooking.  This is also part of the reason I own multiple crockpots.  I can do a main dish, a side, and even a dessert.

So join us as we begin the Battle of the Cookware! (ok, that sounded much more interesting in my head), and see just what you can do with a wok, or a crock.

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